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Selection of Baosteel cold rolled steel sheet ,so that furniture procurement at ease, more assured
  • Raw material selection

    Sheet selection, Baosteel first grade cold-rolled steel plate, in line with GB/t4336-2016 standards, to ensure that the product is long-term deformation, durable.

  • Leading international advanced technology

    Office furniture in the production process, the addition of plastic moisture-proof pad, so that products are more durable moisture.

  • Rigorous manufacturing process

    Office furniture in the production process, the addition of plastic moisture-proof pad, so that products are more durable moisture.

  • Consumer reputation

    Dezhou City Zheng Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is the municipal government, airports, schools designated partners for 16 years.

Dezhou zhenghe office furniture Co., Ltd. Strict production process, so that products more secure

  • Material

    SPCC high quality cold rolled steel plate is adopted to ensure that the product is not deformed for a long time and is durable.

  • Requirement

    All plates and fittings require no burrs, welding is firm, welding is smooth and smooth.

  • Galvanizing

    Make trial installation of sheet metal finished parts to ensure that the product is not error before spraying.

  • Processing

    All sheet metal parts have passed twelve stations pre processing, accord with the national standard, the surface is firm, adhesion is strong.

  • Spray

    The use of high-quality environmental protection plastic powder, to ensure that the cabinet and the body coating is not falling, 20 years without corrosion.

  • Two test

    Make two trial loading on the product to ensure there is no quality problem before the product goes out of the factory.

  • Packing

    High strength waterproof corrugated cardboard box is used to wrap the pearl cotton layer by layer, plus shockproof kraft paper edge to ensure the product reach the customer safely.

  • Transport

    Multi line logistics to ensure punctual and safe arrival of products.


Each product adopts SPCC cold rolled steel sheet

Exactly, so that the quality of furniture, more secure

Dezhou Zhenghe office furniture Co., Ltd. Identified as the national “Shou contract re credit enterprise”honor unit

  • Strong and efficient technical team
  • Rigorous testing program, strict product quality
  • Tracking service to solve customer worries
  • A full range of technical solutions to help you
  • One-stop, customized services
  • An enterprise that can be trusted by clients
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DEZHOU ZHENGHE OFFICE FURNITURE CO., LTD. Quality, achievements, credibility, do customers trust enterprises

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